Time Tracking for Mac: Timing App 2 Review

timing app 2 review

For the past few months spending time on my Macbook Pro I have been using Timing App 2 for tracking my time spent. I feel that it’s the perfect time to review this cool little app after using the trial.
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Just Bought My First MacBook Pro

I just bought my first MacBook Pro 2016 – Why not MBP 2017? It’s $200 cheaper and got multiport bonus with it. The hardware is very similar, got slightly less speed than the new one (2.9 GHz), the same SSD 256GB and the same VRAM for the graphic card.

The MBP 2016 is my first apple product. Finally I pulled the plunge. It was very long time since I can remember wanted to buy one, but thought it was to be overpriced. Very expensive indeed. But nonetheless, I just got one. The MacBook Pro got high specs than the Air version which intended just to be used for light computing work. However, once I bought it, I still don’t know what to do with my new MacBook Pro. It’s very different than I used to think it was. It has Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C ports, which made older model just out of date.
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How to Use a Treadmill to Lose Weight

how to use a treadmillI’m trying to get healthier, working on a treadmill. Going to get more charge of my body. So I decided to buy a treadmill. This expensive tool give me the opportunity to exercise when it’s raining or cold outside.
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Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (INTP)


Lately I’ve been struggling to keep working in place. Earlier I thought it was because I don’t have enough vacation, but I discovered that I was wrong to think that way. I discovered that after 5 days full vacation. Road trip actually where I visit 3 cities and 11 attractions, costing more than $700. Way to go to burn money.
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How to Plan Your Next Vacation


For the couple of months, I’ve been creating many planning for my next vacations. It’s for two days or three days vacations, as I tend to get bored if the vacation last longer than 2 days (without the trip).
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Addicted to Vacations


There’s strange thing going on with me lately. I’ve been addicted to vacations!
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Pride and Anal Retentive

In the last few months, I have been developing a great interest in Psychoanalysis. Particularly Freud and Lacan. The latter was because I watched many of Zizek videos on YouTube.

Today I watched a rich person, who had been recognized as Internet Guru on YouTube. He mentioned his philosophy of Life, how to handle the business as daily basis. It’s amazing to watch the way behind the mask, what was revealing beneath is not very dark place. It’s amazing to understand how people really work this way.
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The Secret Of Wealth


I remember an episode of One Punch Man, where Genos the Saitama’s disciple would like to know the secret of how Saitama got so strong. So it went on like this, Saitama said that he only got strong because of training routine that he had: 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometres running.
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Wildest Dream

I always love how Taylor Swift creates her songs and I enjoyed very much her appearance on her video. You can watch her performance in Wildest Dream in the video below:

Taylor Swift has become my favorite singers over the past year. This is because her song lyrics reflect very much on my life. I particularly like “Shake It Off” song, which basically tells us that we cannot make everyone happy, just be happy yourself and forget everybody else as haters will be always there to hate. Haters are going to hate as Taylor said.
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Don’t Look Down

don't look down

Sometimes, the best advice are kinda creepy and scary if you think deeply of it. There is some advice that if you are feeling miserable, look into others and find what troubles them and what suffering they are experiencing. I think this is kinda immoral. Just imagine, that you are now have most thing that disabled people don’t have, and be grateful for what you have just because you can see that other people are more miserable than we are. The advice often said, “Look down and you will be grateful”
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