SunnyHill – Monday Blues

BESTie – Thank U Very Much

Kiss&Cry – Domino Game

Get a Clue Phantom

Several people were stuck on the Kennywood ride, “Phantom’s Revenge”, when it stopped suddenly Tuesday afternoon. – CBS

Seems like all the amusement parks are having a lot of trouble lately. Or maybe we’re just hearing about it more. I never go one rides like Phantom’s Revenge, I don’t think going 60 miles an hour upside down is fun.

clue Eileen Brennan mrs peacock tumblr

Eileen Brennan, who went from musical comedy on Broadway to wringing laughs out of memorable characters in such films as “Private Benjamin” and “Clue,” has died. She was 80. – Yahoo! News

I saw Clue for the first time not too long ago.

Honest Trailers – The Hunger Games

So right. Especially about Thor’s brother. I don’t care about it being a Battle Royale “ripoff” though. I can’t handle that movie.

Piers Morgan Royal Baby First Words

So Inspirational

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From Bluntcard

For some reason things don’t center correctly on here anymore.

Batman in Classic Movie Scenes Part 2

Batman in Classic Movie Scenes

Worth Saving

buffy the vampire slayer angel tumblr righteous man worth saving

I liked Angel at first, when I was in my pre/early teens, but now I’m more of a Spike fan. I got tired of Angel’s sad puppy act, and Spike has a more complex story line.

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