I saw this on Shirogane’s (of VDex Project) LiveJournal, and wanted to try it out for myself. These are the sites that come up first for me for each letter of the alphabet. I did this a few months ago the the site for H and I have changed. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but kept putting it off. Today I saw that I hadn’t posted anything since SEPTEMBER and knew I had to post this now. New posts coming up soon, I want to add some new icons to the site, they’ll probably be from Yamane Ayano’s Finder Series (expect to see a lot of Asami’s glorious abs!), and maybe some Code Geass ones as well. There’s some new calendar images and Geass in Wonderland pics to edit.

a: animenewsnetwork.com
b: bit.ly
c: community.livejournal.com/yamane_ayano/
d: dragcave.net
e: eggcave.com
f: facebook.com
g: google.com
h: hpana.com (now hidemyass.com) *
i: idarionis.com:9500 (now imdb.com)
j: japaneuse.org *
k: kofk.de
l: lisabee.org/wp-admin
m: my.yahoo.com
n: netflix.com
o: oreno.imouto.org *
p: paypal.com
q: none
r: rosedragongardens.com *
s: subetahq.com
t: twitter.com
u: unicreatures.com
v: vdexproject.net
w: wqed.org
x: xtube.com (*ahem* NSFW – you have been warned)
y: youtube.com
z: zantarni.com

* I rarely ever visit these sites so I guess I just never go to other sites beginning with those letters.