Day Two

Sort of, less than one and a half. My mom is still in the hospital. She doesn’t know whether they’re going to let her out on Tuesday or what because no one’s told her anything yet. When I spoke to her an hour ago or so she said they had cut the skin off her arm and drained all the crap out, and that she’s tired from fighting the infection. They still got the IV in her, filled with antibiotics I guess. I’m not angry with her anymore. Even though she still should have gone right away, it’s not like she wanted her arms cut open. I didn’t talk to her long because she said she had a visitor, it sounded like Matt but it could have been a doctor or something. I don’t know if I’ll hear from her later or not. She said she’d call but she doesn’t follow through normally so I don’t see why she would when she’s in the hospital.

Edit: She’s definitely not getting out tonight, and who knows if she will tomorrow even since they still don’t know what’s wrong with her. Cynthia just called and said they took a lot of blood again to see if there’s anything in there. Doctors don’t know anything, no surprise there.