Out of Hospital

My mom is getting out of the hospital today. The doctor finally came in to see her after 10 yesterday and said her arm was looking better. She begged him to let her out so they are. She’s been in there since Sunday night taking pills every few hours and getting antihistamine and steroids and tons of other things getting pumped into her since they didn’t know what it was. She was quite famous in the hospital because they’d never seen bug bites like hers before. She said she didn’t want to wait for Matt to pick her up, so she might be coming home in a few hours in some courtesy van they have. Yesterday I went out with my aunt Cyndy, but I’ll write about that later since it’ll be password protected.

My mom just go home, with her arm really bandaged up. She has to get a ton of prescriptions filled (7 I think). Apparently they did figure out what it was, but she didn’t understand him, and doesn’t remember.

I also just bought my first nu domain! I’ve wanted one for years, and I decided that while it would be close, I could probably afford to get one now. I was going to have to wait a couple more weeks, but I found a coupon to get $12 off. I’ve been praying no one would snap it up before I got to it, since it was already taken in every other extension: clovis.nu. I got schneizel.org last month.