My Stupid Mother

God she’s pissing me off again. She didn’t call until 8:20 (whenever she does that I have to wait hours and hours before I can eat since I don’t know whether she’s coming home or not) even though she got off early today. But I was expecting her not to since she brought me food yesterday which means she’s done her good deed for the week. So I wasn’t in any particular mood when I answered the phone, but my mom immediately told me I was angry with her (which in general I am, but wasn’t particularly at the moment). She asked why I was since she brought me “yummy chicken” yesterday. I didn’t even want KFC, I wanted LJS which I told her several weeks ago, and she decided that I wanted KFC instead. Then she said I was angry several times, before saying that I sounded evil and quickly ended the conversation (which she didn’t seem to interested in to begin with), now angry with me for something she decided all on her own. I hate it when people tell me how I feel.

She didn’t go to the doctor today because she wasn’t in, but she got another bug bite that’s looking bad so she’s going to get that checked out. She’s closing tomorrow which really brings down the chances that I’ll see her or get a call from her even though she said she would. So now I am angry, 10x more than I would have been, thanks a lot mom.