Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs

Or just coo coo (or would it be koo koo?). Like I said before my mom and Matt-freak broke up again. The same thing happens that always happens. So I’m going to write this and that’s the last I want to hear/think about it because I have enough stress without people acting like children. So I found out yesterday when my aunt called that the idiot left a bunch of her stuff up in boxes at her place, and that he said he was bringing more tomorrow (now today). The first thing I thought was “That %$^&#$% bastard! How are we supposed to get all that down here?!” But because he’s such a gd bastard he doesn’t care. When my mom got home I didn’t want to be the one to tell her so I was going to try to get her to call Cynthia. Didn’t need to. Turns out he left a letter in the mailbox saying what he was going to do, as well as a lot of other stuff. My mom’s reaction was the same as mine, getting all that down here is just no possible. But like I said there was a lot of other stuff in the letter as well, and I only know a little bit of it. I do know his complete insanity comes out in it, and I am not exagerating. This guy seriously needs a psychiatric evaluation. It might seem ridiculous coming from me, but I only have depression, no matter how severe it is, and some OCD, I am not delusional or paranoid. Matt is delusional, paranoid, and a coward. This isn’t coming from my bias against him, but from what I know and have seen it’s obvious. My mother said the letter was extremely hateful, and had awful, awful things in it.

Some of the things he said was that she was broken from the beginning and that he thought he could fix her. Yeah, because she was the one who had just come off from a divorce where her partner had fled across the country with her two kids on a greyhound bus to get away from her (then followed said partner here), and then was living in her sisters basement… oh, wait, that was him. Being around her is like being poisoned, not enough to kill you but you lose a little more of yourself every day, and that spending even more than a weekend with her is like slowly dying, etc, and that he didn’t love her anymore and hated her. Yet my mother says that on Monday he was all over her, so obviously his hatred for her doesn’t stop him from trying to be a dirty whore. He also said that he was changing all the locks and the alarm system, and told his neighbors to call the police if the alarm goes off, and not to call him because he would consider it harassment (I don’t think the law would). Another WTF from the both of us. He actually thinks that she is going to break into his house/stalk him/kill him? Another thing he said was something like despite all that most of the family has been decent to him. I’m guessing Cyndy and I are not included in that, since he knows we both despise him. And yet he claims not to know why this family hates him. Then when he was over Cynthia’s he was offering her chili he made! Cynthia said she didn’t like chili, and he said “you’d like mine, mine is good.” And I’m like don’t take any food from him. And if he says “hey, you want some candy” don’t get in the car, just say you’re not supposed to talk to strangers. She said that today when he was dropping more stuff off again that he was calling her Aunt Cynthia, chatting with her neighbors, and saying hi to everyone he saw like he knows them. He is seriously disturbed. Cynthia said he had some nerve to go around like that, but it’s not nerve because he’s a coward.

For the past 14 years he’s broken up with her in letters and has acted like she’s the crazy one when he does. My mom said the letter was full of typos too. That’s all I know about the letter Cynthia said he was a psychopath, but like I told my mom, he’s not, he’s a sociopath. Sociopaths don’t have it as together as psychopaths do, I psychopath would never act like this, a sociopath would. He is always like this. Like when he was staying with us after following my mom across the country from Arizona to Pittsburgh after they had broken up (again) he was rearranging furniture, doing what he wanted with the internet, etc. Then when I heard him talking about my mom behind her back (and saying things like in the letter, that she wasn’t well and stuff) and told her, right after when passing through my room (the bathroom was connected to my room) he stepped on a little cardboard box of trinkets that I had made (and had painted to look like real wood, it was gorgeous) and then kicked it. I could tell it was no accident. You don’t stomp on something, then kick it across the room on accident, and he did that while I was there. Then he told my mom that I had put his toothbrush in the toilet. He is delusional and extremely paranoid. There is seriously something wrong with him. It runs in his family too. When I was little my mom had to call the police because after another time when they had broken up, his trailer trash sister left a message on our answering machine saying he was going to beat her up/kill her, and had come looking for us, but we weren’t home at the time. He could be a danger to himself, but who cares about that, he more has a high potential to be a danger to others. He would never do anything outright, because he’s a coward, but with the way he’s acting now and has acted in the past it’s clear he’s unstable and could do something bad. My mom said she ripped up the letter, but I think she should have kept it just in case (and to remind her of what a crazy person he is) for legal reasons. There is the question of whether he will move back to Arizona or not. I wish he would. He’s probably going to get fired from his job soon anyway, since he’s been constantly calling off. And he’s this close to having a heart attack, because not only is he old, he has gotten even fatter since I last saw him. He was disgustingly obese then in 2006, with his stomach protruding grotesquely a couple feet out in front of him. I don’t even want to think about how sickening he looks now. Good riddance to him. If it was up to me I would do my best to get a restraining order against him, and get him that psychiatric evaluation, because he clearly needs it.