still around

Just posting to say I’m still here, though I don’t know if I will be at any point in the near future. I don’t feel like writing about what has happened, living it is enough. I did buy a Code Geass Clovis can badge of someone on LJ, despite what way this goes. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, because even if I die I’d rather die owning the Clovis pin than not. I may ask Cynthia if I can stay with her until this blows over, and if she says no then end it, and if she says yes take my most important things, like my cat, laptop, my Code Geass doujinshi, Schneizel voice doll, Junjou Romantica tin, etc, to be on the safe side. I don’t want that psycho creep going through my things. It still would be better to do it now no matter what. The przc is already 3 months expired. If it gets any weaker it might not do the job. But we’ll see. Either way I need a miracle… I just realized that I haven’t watched any new (to me) anime or read any manga in three weeks… That shows how bad things are.