Flounder of Betrayal

I quite like these flounder titles. But I didn’t start a new blog just to be cute. Today, my computer Haruko decided to give me a belated birthday “present”. At around 2:30 the screen suddenly went black and wouldn’t come back on. The computer itself was still on. I could hear it running, the light on front signifying power was still on, and even the CD tray would open. But no matter how many times I pressed the power button and no matter what keys I pushed, the screen would not come on, and the power would not turn off. So I unplugged the power cord and decided to let the battery die (as that was the only way to get it to turn off) and hope that it would work again when I plugged it back in. Obviously, it did. After 5:30 I noticed the battery light blinking, and at 6 the power went off. So I plugged it back in, pressed the power button, felt my heart leap when all the lights lit up, and breathed a sigh of relief when the Windows start up came on the screen. So it’s working for now, but obviously there is some sort of problem or this wouldn’t have happened. I had forgotten until today, but between 1-3 months ago the screen did go black like today, but only for a few seconds. It concerned me then, but it came back on, and I forgot about it. Until now Haruko has given me practically no trouble. That should have tipped me off. Besides that black screen, and one error message earlier in the year, it’s been a very good (or just devious) laptop. So please continue to be good Haruko, and don’t give me any more scares. My nerves can’t take it. I was terrified that I’d lost everything (AGAIN!!!) and that I wouldn’t have a computer anymore.