Good Evening

I finally made myself watch the late night block on RTV. From 12-2 they play Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Night Gallery, and Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Night Gallery isn’t as good as The Twilight Zone. As for Alfred Hitchcock, they’re usually not that great shows, though some of them are pretty decent. The blame is partially on the censors back then. They had strict rules about what could play on television. One of them being the bad guy could never get away with anything. Alfred Hitchcock saved himself from having to show this, and would just say at the end of the program that the culprit had been caught. There have been some pretty nasty criminals on there, and you really want the bad guy to get what’s coming to him, but sometimes the so-called “victim” completely deserved it. Lonely Place (3-6) is one example to this. I’ve never seen the Lamb to the Slaughter episode, based on a short story by Roald Dahl, but I know the woman in that was surely apprehended at the end of the program, when she got away with it in the original (pretty hilarious by the way, the police eat the murder weapon). But last nights episode of Hitchcock Hour was the best I’ve ever seen, maybe on of the best stories of seen of anything in a while. It was funny, clever, well written, and well acted. It was called See the Monkey Dance and it’s available online from Hulu here, with many other episodes, including some Night Gallery ones. Body in the Barn was also pretty good, as well as the end of Final Performance. Part of the reason why I watch these is for Alfred Hitchcock himself. I think he’s adorable, like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Cynthia went out with Naomi like she usually does on Fridays, and when she got back she took me down to McDonalds. We have to pass where my mom lives (and where I used to live up until a few weeks ago) and she and the white trash bastard were outside smoking. I was watching where I was walking, so I didn’t notice she was there until Cynthia said “don’t look.” My mother asked where we were going, and I looked at Cynthia because she didn’t respond or even turn her head, just kept on walking. Then my mom said in her whiny voice “You aren’t going to talk to me? Fine.” I told Cynthia she was angry because of that, and I was the one who’d get yelled at. Cynthia said she refused to talk to her while he was there, and she doesn’t owe her anything, and that my mom couldn’t be mad at me because I have no control over what Cynthia does. My mom won’t care about that. She throws tantrums like a 5 year-old, and the next time she calls I’m going to be the one who gets to listen to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she threatened not to make my birthday cake (which she’s been saying she’s going to make since the 22nd). Cynthia says my mom is lucky I talk to her at all. And she should have known better. My mother knows I hate him, and Cynthia’s furious that my mom let him know where she lives, and now he knows what she looks like too. He keeps asking to meet her, and Cynthia says she has nothing to do with him, and he’s not getting in her house. I told her not to worry, if he tries to get in I’ll be ready to play whack-a-ass with the bowling pin. :angel: Yes, I own a real bowling pin.

My mother now owes me $40. The $20 she took in late spring (without asking), and she took the $20 Nita gave me for my birthday. She called yesterday to say Nita’s card came, and asked if she could borrow $20 from whatever she sent (it was $25), and that I could come down and witness it if I wanted. I’m not walking down the hill just to watch her open a card, then walk back up again in 90 degree weather. So I told her to just open it. She said she could have just taken the money, but thought she should ask first. It wouldn’t be the first time she took my money without asking. :yeahright: Once when I was 16 or 17 she did, and didn’t even bother to tell me. A few weeks later I found out when she said she’d pay me back. Then she had the audacity to get angry with me, for being angry with her. She couldn’t understand what was so bad about her taking the money without even bothering to pretend ask first. For some reason the concept of stealing eludes her. At least the bum finally got a job after over a month of being unemployed. It’s part time as a hostess at Pamela’s Diner. She better still look for a second job. I’ve only gotten $75 for my birthday (not including Cyndy’s money, which will probably be $40), including the $20 she took, and I’m not giving her anymore. She’s already taking my disability until November when it expires. I don’t see why I should have to pay for her cigarettes or booze, or any of the bills for a place she and her manwhore drove me out of. She doesn’t even have to pay for food, she gets almost $200 a month in food stamps, half of which is mine, and I got three TV dinners from it this month. Instead she’s using it to support the two of them, because he isn’t working either.

Choosing my icon reminded me – I finally got my Schneizel voice doll to speak! I thought it needed batteries, so I opened the bottom to see what kind (I told my mom it was the little round kind, but she still didn’t know what they were) and there were batteries in it, they just weren’t in right. I fixed them, and now every time I press the button Schneizel says “I think it’s wonderful.” I think it’s wonderful too, Schneizel! Well, another episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents starts in a few minutes. I better get downstairs.

Edit: The AHH episode was Lonely Place. It’s so disturbing.