Bah Humbug

So, Christmas… yeah. I hate holidays. They’re such an inconvenience. There’s no mail, everything’s closed, there’s nothing on TV, none of the sites I read are updated, and it’s all you ever hear about whether you want to or not. Sometimes it lasts for months. They started playing Christmas music on PBS in September. I’m spending my day doing two things, Christmas events on my game sites, and watching horror movies. I think Jesus would be proud. I’m looking for snowflakes on Zantarni, reindeer on Kingdom of Knuffel, Christmas eggs on Dragon Cave, and Xmas Pokemon on VDex Project. I already have the Xmas Pokemon, but I want to get one Xmas Staryu and one Xmas Voltorb caught on December 25. I’d also like my Dragon Cave Christmas dragon to be born on December 25, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get one today. It’s hard enough as it is, but Snap Links keeps stopping working and then I have to close the site and start again. By then I’ve missed out on 10-20 eggs, and sometimes all the eggs are gone and I have to wait another hour to try again. Subeta’s holiday events are luckily not too labor intensive, and practically over. Unfortunately, I’m not going to get the Melody’s Visitor achievement, since I apparently missed a day. I’ve been on Subeta every day, so I’m pissed that I forgot to go to Melody’s Cottage one day. Magistream’s Christmas event has sucked. I wasn’t on last year, so I didn’t know what was going to happen, and they didn’t bother to say until the 21st, so I missed the event and the eggs. I’m starting to really hate that site.

Anyway, like I said, instead of Christmas movies I’m going to be watching horror movies. I haven’t decided which ones yet, whatever is streaming on Netflix, but they’ll all be foreign, probably Asian, and one will most likely be The Heirloom. I watched Phone, a Korean horror movie, on Wednesday, and Noriko’s Dinner Table and The Orphanage on Thursday (Jap, Spanish), and took a break on Friday for my sanity’s sake. Phone was surprisingly good and somewhat original. I was expecting a Korean version of One Missed Call, but it was actually nothing like that, and it had actual reasons for “long haired Asian girl” and “hair coming out of tap”, two popular things in Asian horror movies. Noriko wasn’t actually a horror movie, and was very good. I wouldn’t say I liked it, but it was good. It started off very boring, but eventually picked up pace. It’s a very screwed up story, and just reinforces the fact that the Japanese as a whole desperately need to be medicated. It’s just a movie, but those feelings and attitudes that drive the movie are very prevalent in Japanese society. The Orphanage – oy. I make a point of only watching horror movies during the day, but I had so many problems getting this one to play, that it was getting dark by the last hour of the film. So I was freaking out even more. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others, but it was scary, and sad, and the acting was very good, particularly from the lead actress.

My mother has been harassing me to come down for Christmas since Thanksgiving. And today she finally had to accept that I am not. She said she’d bring up a plate for me when the food is done. The psycho bastard is making standing rib roast. He acts like a child. Whenever she calls he is always talking in the background. 3 year olds do that. At this point he should know that when someone is on the phone you do not talk to them, or talk over them. It’s because he’s so obsessive and controlling, she can’t talk on the phone to someone because it doesn’t involve him. He’s the reason she’s been harassing me about coming done, because he “wants to meet me.” I did meet him a few months ago. My mom called and asked if I wanted McDonalds, but since I wanted a meal instead of something off the dollar menu (I can’t eat another gristle burger) Cynthia had me take money done. When I got there they were both standing on the porch, and I was furious. Luckily, a guy from down the street had been walking his dogs (purty huskies), which distracted them, and my mom and I walked to McD. My mom said they’d been arguing because he wanted to meet me, and my mom told him I didn’t want to meet him. We weren’t inside for a minute when the psycho bastard came in. He followed us to McDonalds. Like a stalker. So on the way out she made me say hi to him. Well, I said the word hi, I wasn’t looking at him. I didn’t see why I should be forced to say hi to a stalker. So, she says I have to meet him again because I didn’t do it right last time. BS. I have nothing to do with him. And when I say harass I mean harass. Asking over, and over, and over again. I hate that bitch and I hate holidays!