Avatar: The Legend of Korra Title Change?

Nickelodeon has really been screwing up with regards to Avatar. Sure, we’ve got a new Avatar mini series coming, but it’s been pushed back to 2012 instead of fall 2011. And before that, they gave us that craptastic live action movie. And what Avatar fan could forget how they left us American fans with no new episodes for months during the last season, even while they played it in other countries. And now they’ve done it again. The Wall Street Journal has repeatedly used The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra as the title of the new series. Not “Avatar”, “The Last Airbender”.

Why? The most probable answer:

…like with Seychelle Gabriel*, they’re trying to tie it more to the crappy live action movie. Except for fans of the series, most people know Avatar as The Last Airbender. It didn’t do well, so they want to try to get more sales (or more support for a sequel) by bringing in a new audience. Calling it TLA: Legend of Korra is ridiculous. Avatar is the title of the series, not Airbender. Airbender refers to Aang. Aang isn’t the last airbender at this point, but Korra is the Avatar, so Avatar: Legend of Korra fits…

if it’s actually going to be called The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, I won’t be watching. I want to watch Avatar, the series I love, not “The Last Airbender”.

This is how much Nick cares about Avatar and its fans. I love Avatar, and I was really excited for the sequel, but Nickelodeon continues to disappoint. So if Avatar: TLOK is going to be called TLA instead I won’t be watching it, or supporting anything Airbender in any way. It would probably be for the best if real Avatar fans stay away from Korra. I don’t think there’s much hope for quality at this point, Nickelodeon will continue to interfere with the series until they destroy it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the characters in Korra refer to the previous Avatar as “Ung”, and call Korra the “of-atar”.

* Seychelle Gabriel: Princess Yue in the live action movie.

Update: So it is called The Last Airbender: LOK then. And there’s cars and motorcycles. Right.