Smoker’s Fault

i hate smoking

I hate smokers. I really do. Unlike the meme above, I don’t think that smokers are not capable of love, but rather thinks everyone that loves him is not important, not having a meaning.

That’s because smokers think that life has no meaning, or they just need a quick getaway from their problem. So, they escape the reality by going to their illusion to forget for a while and relax.

I had a fight with a smoker yesterday.  I might have pissed him because I said smokers are not grateful for what God has given to him. A healthy body, a great family, a cute child and a respectful wife.

He told me that he is grateful even that he smokes cigarette everyday, a pack or two packs everyday.  Looks like they family has no power over him that makes him want to change. I concluded that only God can make him change.

I hope he sees the light thru the eyes of his kid and wife, so that he doesn’t suffer like I do.

I do think that smokers are really have reality problem, not love problem. What are you running away from? If life is so damn stressful, why not find a solution to the problem. But no, you like to escape instead of facing the problems and fight it like a man.

My father was a smoker. I hate him too because it made him suffer from lung disease. We had many arguments over the past years but it didn’t make him change. I hate to see that he’s getting weaker every year when I visited him. The truth is, that’s very painful to see. Does he not look into me like that?

Does man really a man? Smoking doesn’t make you a man, but a women. Cowardly accept the pain in live and numb that pain is a weak behavior done by a man. A man, especially a father must not give an example for his child to escape from their problem, but face it like a real man.

No tears, no pain will result no gain. Have a painful life and you’ll get an easy life. Get an easy life, you’ll end up being pain.