Beowulf vs Dragon


I remembered a story between Beowulf vs Dragon. It’s a old poem which describes how Beowulf, the hero, killed monsters and ultimately kill a dragon.

By learning about Beowulf story, I realize that Heroism , which describes as a person who brave and have characteristics to take risks even on his life, is nothing more than a personal journey. Not altruism.

Beowulf is a classic story about hero vs dragon. A hero will win, but eventually dead. The point about this is, we are all going to die sooner or later. But the process how we die is the most important thing, even for Beowulf or Dragon.

For Beowulf, die in the hand of a Dragon is priceless, as it signifies dignity and pride to show to his people that he is superior and capable of slaying a dragon whereas other people will back off because of fear. Fear is a child’s play for a Hero. A hero will always seek fear and conquer it.

However, this makes Heroism quality is such a bragging and nagging character. We see other people who is brave as somehow inferior because of the way they are drawing attention to himself, but not other people. Altruism, in the other hand, not drawing attention, but giving attention to other people. This is why I don’t think Heroism is linked to Altruism.

For the Dragon, he hates being around a Hero. He tried to drive out humans from their territories, kill them all then keep what they have as its own treasure. The dragon also have revenge. It tries to kill a hero who killed their relatives, and also keep their treasure.

The treasure, acts as a nest for the dragon.

I conclude that Beowulf vs Dragon is more like a person who are not already rich, trying to take the ladder to rich and face with the capitalist such as the dragon and die in the process. Both are dead.

Beowulf signifies a person who has ambitions to be a king, have all kind of materialistic things, and want even more by pursuing a dragon and take its treasure.

Dragon, signifies a person who have lost their morality but have all they need. All they need to do is fending off heroes who are trying to take their treasure and life.

Beowulf, will become a dragon once the story ends after he killed the dragon. That’s how life works. First you have your morality, but once money get a hold of you, you lost the morality and busy keeping your score and numbers.