Don’t Look Down

don't look down

Sometimes, the best advice are kinda creepy and scary if you think deeply of it. There is some advice that if you are feeling miserable, look into others and find what troubles them and what suffering they are experiencing. I think this is kinda immoral. Just imagine, that you are now have most thing that disabled people don’t have, and be grateful for what you have just because you can see that other people are more miserable than we are. The advice often said, “Look down and you will be grateful”

So, I denied to accept the advice and Don’t Look Down. I don’t care if it’s against society, the feeling that we have when we see other people is more suffering than we are is just not right. We don’t deserve to be glad, happy, and grateful when others are feeling terrible. Maybe that’s why there are many crimes, people are hating each other and want to make other people miserable because that way, deep down, we feel relieve because of it.

Sure, some people will deny that they have pleasure looking at more miserable people when accepting the advice, but if you really look into it, there is no denying. They just can’t handle the fact that the people who are giving the advice is religious people.

But humans, can make errors. Even religious people. I’m not saying that I’m more holy than they are, but there are things in life when we can’t accept things that just ain’t feel right for us. Just because it came from other person, especially who we admire, adore and respect, don’t mean that it is the truth.

So in conclusion, I think we don’t look down. By looking down to other people, we are not becoming a better person, just more evil because of thinking of other person suffering. We should be grateful just as is, not because of conditional thinking which involves other people suffering.

When subjective reality comes into thinking, the best way to ensure that we have chosen the correct answer is by “leap of faith”. It means that we disregard any logical thinking and just feel what is right for us. If it ain’t feel right, it ain’t right.