Wildest Dream

I always love how Taylor Swift creates her songs and I enjoyed very much her appearance on her video. You can watch her performance in Wildest Dream in the video below:

Taylor Swift has become my favorite singers over the past year. This is because her song lyrics reflect very much on my life. I particularly like “Shake It Off” song, which basically tells us that we cannot make everyone happy, just be happy yourself and forget everybody else as haters will be always there to hate. Haters are going to hate as Taylor said.

Different than Shake it Off song, Wildest Dream make a story about her…another love song, but rather a fantasy about how we desperately want to be held, kissed, and have romantic time with our partners.  I think this is how Taylor lives by. She was surrounded by gorgeous men, tall handsome as hell but really entertainment live is empty.

As Lady Gaga previously admit that she didn’t become what she wanted to be, but she was controlled by everyone else. How she looks was more important than what she could do, what she was. She became a mummy, a person without soul. A soul is needed for any person to live to the fullest extend. That is why she left singing. I don’t blame her, although I love some of her songs, and I think that is the best that she wanted to become authentic, even that entertainment will require some masks to cover up her daily life.

We felt good when we connect to romanticism, because we are longing to get to know our body, our soul from our partner. Wild dream is just a fantasy, an illusion about how we want to be remembered. We push ourselves to be remembered, because when we are not around, the memory will last…and maybe, just maybe the other person will remember us.

Will you take the risk on maybe?

We don’t have the ability to control the memory of other person, but we do our best to make it memorable. This brings hope, which is just another illusion. But illusions are not always bad. In this case, love…a wild love is a great illusion as we won’t get what we don’t deserve but we always have the illusion in our mind. Love that we will never get.