Pride and Anal Retentive

In the last few months, I have been developing a great interest in Psychoanalysis. Particularly Freud and Lacan. The latter was because I watched many of Zizek videos on YouTube.

Today I watched a rich person, who had been recognized as Internet Guru on YouTube. He mentioned his philosophy of Life, how to handle the business as daily basis. It’s amazing to watch the way behind the mask, what was revealing beneath is not very dark place. It’s amazing to understand how people really work this way.

Two things I take note from the motivational video were Pride and Anal Retentive.

He took pride from collecting things, which I personally think they were garbage. The more he give, the more he collected these “garbage” as achievements of life.

I think that is really ridiculous, but in other sense, it makes sense.

He gave seminars, took students, and give lectures to advertise his identity (that is that he positioned himself as a Guru) and also maintained his position of power. Pride makes everything he gave as a form of bribery, which hope for larger assets in return. Many people might think this as manipulative, which is indeed a true behavior of many rich people.

The next one is Anal retentive. He possessed a strange habits of collecting things that are not useful, just for the sake to keep track of what he did in the past.

This term is derived from the experience of toilet training to a child. Parents sometimes forces their child to use a schedule to their child trip to the toilet. And sometimes, their child is refusing the forced schedule. This is said to be the conflict which can cause problem of hating messiness in the adult life, and obsessed with cleanliness and orderliness.

Although both are negative behavior, this are great motivators to make our journey to the wealth.