Addicted to Vacations


There’s strange thing going on with me lately. I’ve been addicted to vacations!

There’s so many years back when I don’t like to visit other cities and going to mountains, waterfalls, beaches, or any resorts whatsoever. I just stick to the mall.

Now I do know now why vacations are important. It’s important because it changes the situation where you can be increasingly bored if you work on the same desk, the same house, office, all year long. I think this is because our body get used to it and needs some refreshments time to time.

It’s amazing how vacations can change your life if you allow it.

For me, the most satisfying thing when traveling and enjoying vacations are not the vacation itself, but more because of the accuracy how I planned it to be.

I’m a perfectionist, but I do want to make it simple when planning for vacation. I like to use Excel spreadsheet to plan for our family vacations. I don’t count visiting to friends on other cities as vacations, except if I sleep in a hotel for a couple of days.

Writing itinerary is fantastic workout for my brain. I can open up 40 tabs on my browsers and read all the itinerary and browse hotels, locations and planning how long it will take from my house to reach the destination and back.

I usually go to other places for two days, one night. I guess that’s enough if going with your own car. I don’t think that is possible when traveling with train or plane. That’s why I dream about having a good car that is comfortable to be used when traveling to bad terrain in addition to my small city car.

I’ll write about how I wrote my itinerary step by step on the next blog post.