How to Plan Your Next Vacation


For the couple of months, I’ve been creating many planning for my next vacations. It’s for two days or three days vacations, as I tend to get bored if the vacation last longer than 2 days (without the trip).

First of all, you must know how many days you want to go on a vacation. It can be one day trip, two days, or three days.

Next, you should decide whether you want to travel by car, train, bus, or planes. It would greatly affect your overall cost. So make sure it sticks to your budget. If not, you might want to expand your budget, or reduce the cost.

I love road trip as saving a lot and having a nice hotel is a must for me. If you are going with trains or planes, than you can save the lodging by selecting a smaller hotel. I just love cozy hotel as I have insomnia that I couldn’t get sleep faster and easier than anyone else.

I usually compare my cost if travel by car, train, or plane. Many times it would be cheaper using car, but if it’s too far away, you might want to use public transportation instead of car. Anyway, I will not cover this, but I’ll talk about road trip plan on the next blog post.

Once you’ve decided on mode of transportation, you now want to make a list of what kind of tourist attraction you want to see. I’ll cover this when I have time on upcoming blog posts.

After you have decided what kind of tourist attraction you want to see, you can now plan your itinerary. I usually put this in Excel sheet to make it easier to see and modify the plan. In header, put Date, Location, Time, and Activity.

Note that you should make the Time more than you have expected to make room for late trip or something that might pop up in the way. Usually I put 2 hours on each attractions, except for Theme parks that usually goes from morning to afternoon.

Next is deciding where you want to stay. It would greatly affect the Time part on the sheet. Try getting the hotel closer to the attractions so you can save time by going by foot or smaller window time by going with public transportation to reach the location.

Now you can put all into the excel sheet. Use Google Maps to gauge how long it would take to get to the location. Google Maps usually faster than reality, so add at least 15 minutes to each duration so you can get a better sense of how it would be on real life.

It would take longer to plan than these list, but I’m sure you’ll get into this pretty soon. Hope it would help to plan your next vacations!