Saitama Training Secret – How to Apply in Real Life

This post will describe what Saitama Training Secret is and how to benefit from it in real life for a healthier version of you.

Saitama is a fictional hero character in One Punch Man anime. His brute strength is the number one in his world, which monster has infested the world. Rather than monsters, I think they are aliens.

The character Saitama is a unique one to the anime world. If you think Goku is strong because of lifting heavyweight, Saitama doesn’t share this convention.

Saitama Training Regimen

Saitama doesn’t get stronger by lifting heavy weight objects, but by human training. One episode revealed Saitama training when battling an alien. Quite frankly, it’s hilarious how he described the training because it was so simple. Yet, he told the secret with a serious face.

saitama training scene

Here’s the Saitama Training Method:

  • 100 Pushups
    Pushups are the necessary movement for pushing that can make your chest and triceps go bigger.
  • 100 Situps
    Situps are the commonly used exercise that strengthens your core and lower back, a prerequisite for any core exercise such as running to swimming.
  • 100 Squats
    Squats are the basics for getting your legs bigger.
  • 10 km Running

This is daily training. No, there is no rest day.

This routine is no doubt elementary but superior to what people usually have in their fitness schedule. It hits nearly all muscle groups, and calisthenics people would be proud—no need to go to the gym. Just use your own body to be healthier. These bodyweight routines naturally hit muscle groups. The risk of injury is minimal since they are fundamental.

There are many variations to make your upper body get more prominent by adding weight or modifying the center of gravity.

However, one thing missing from the Saitama training method, which is the pulling exercise. The creator might purposedly leave this out because Saitama just punches, not pulling his enemies. But that is really weird because, in real life, you would get muscle imbalance since you don’t train your lats. Like most people who go to the gym to train their upper body, they only neglect their lower part because of leg day avoidance.

Saitama Before Training

saitama before training

In the One Punch Man anime, he was a normal man getting beaten by one of the aliens for trying to save a child. It motivated him to get stronger after getting pounded. He then gets on his feet and starts doing pushups, situps, and squats. To increase his speed, he runs 10km every day. As he gained his superpower, it made Saitama lost his hair.

Training like Saitama is not very hard, but the consistency might be hard for an average person to execute it every day without a rest day.

Saitama training method is widespread in real life because pushups, situps, and squats are three fundamental in body strength. Add it 10km runs. It completes the basics for cardio strength. The philosophy is getting stronger is easy, but getting past the human limit is the impossibility the anime wanted to convey.

I don’t think Saitama gets strong by training, but it’s in the diet. Just like in real life, we don’t get abs by training, but by eating healthy. In Saitama’s case, he was penniless, that he was occasionally seen cutting coupons to get discounted meals in supermarkets. 

To satisfy his protein, most of the meat he eats is came from the monsters he killed. So he eats the monster and gained superpower strength, like the movie Highlander in the 80s. This breaks the limit of human potential because he might not be a human anymore after his training. 

This is a severe mock of the bodybuilding world. People inject themselves with steroids to get more robust and more significant, hence becoming monsters not having human body proportion anymore.

So next time you see some memes or Saitama training scenes pop up on your newsfeed about how Saitama got his strength, remember the fundamentals to get stronger. And don’t forget to eat healthily.


So will you become bald, and your punch explodes things? I don’t think so, but become bald is a probability if you overuse steroids. The training regimen is quite useful because it has all of the fundamentals to motivate the average person to be healthy. However, it is not necessary to include monster meat on your plate just because Saitama does it.

Don’t expect you to be a great fighter or dream-like Saitama because probably your punch won’t explode after training like Saitama. To get explosiveness on your forces, you must train with objects heavier to push or pull beyond your bodyweight and exert speed beyond your average velocity. This is one of the many things that many people forget to get explosiveness. Bruce Lee doesn’t get his one-inch punch just by pushups, but by daily training on a very heavy sandbag and train his lats to exert explosive speed.

Without a doubt, your cardiovascular strength would improve significantly. You would be able to get adequate sleep because you run 10km every day. 

If you would like to copy this Saitama training secret, you should add some pullups into this regimen to make it complete. You would consistently see some gains if you haven’t done any bodyweight training in years, hence the amateur gains. With some healthy meal planning, you would see some abs if you avoid refined carbs and take a healthy choice on your meals.

However, if you want to get big, then add some weight. A body vest or some leg weight might be sufficient to add some resistance to your training routine.

Overall, the Saitama Training Secret is effortless to follow, not complicated like the secret of wealth. It also funs to do. No equipment is necessary and gets you the best for your bucks. You don’t even need to go to the gym, especially on time like this when gyms are closed. Yet, the training doesn’t give you the hypertrophy you are looking for to get your biceps to grow bigger.