Saitama Training Secret – How to Apply in Real Life

saitama training secret

This post will describe what Saitama Training Secret is and how to benefit from it in real life for a healthier version of you.

Saitama is a fictional hero character in One Punch Man anime. His brute strength is the number one in his world, which monster has infested the world. Rather than monsters, I think they are aliens.

The character Saitama is a unique one to the anime world. If you think Goku is strong because of lifting heavyweight, Saitama doesn’t share this convention.

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The Day the Fandom Exploded

Edit Dec 7: lol, Crack Geass: Timeskipping with Goro Taniguchi (I thought there might be another manga after the last ones did badly) and update 4, that’s our Sunrise. There’s been rumors for a while now, in January Sunrise said they had some important news to give out, and someone on LJ said it was a rumor online from a source that is usually right. I thought if anything was going to happen today would be the day, so I was hoping for it and I was right. The first thing I saw when I went to ANN was New Code Geass Project’s Launch Revealed (Updated) Bandai’s mobile phone website promises more details in 2010. And on LiveJournal [News] New Code Geass Project!!! (plus this birthday event). So the CG fandom has exploded, as to be expected. Apparently it’s a very popular topic for bloggers in Japan. I’m in the camp that if I can, I will watch whatever it is they throw at me because it’s Code freaking Geass. Some think it’ll be a movie/ova because one of the seiyuu at the birthday event seemed to keep emphasizing that although the TV anime was over… In any case I’m so happy! We’ve been waiting for this (except those of us who weren’t) for so long! Squeeee! And happy birthday Lelouch!