Learn About Amazon Scraper

amazon scraperYou want to collect the title, author, or image from any Amazon product easily? You might use Amazon scraper rather than doing it manually by copy and paste. There are so much scraper software can be used to scraping millions data from Amazon, but how work with it?

What is a Scraper?

There are so many web scraping software such as scraper (chrome plugin), simple PHP scraper, kimono labs, import.io, outwit hub, scraper wiki, Fminer.com, even desktop and web apps software. This software will automatically recognize the data structure of a page then store the scraped data in local databases.

ZonASINHunter is a scraper software use to select product data from Amazon like ASIN, price, rating, reviews, shipping weight, etc. which can be find from the product details page. You can collect the data from multiple pages in the website and extract it into one single page.

How to Build It?

First, we will try to do the scraping data on Amazon using Scraper by Chrome. Scraper (chrome plugin) is a simple data mining extension from Google Chrome that is useful for researching data online when you need to quickly analyze data in spreadsheet form. Scraper Chrome is the easiest for screen scraping. Only by select the specific data point like price, rating, etc. in the website page, you just need to right click and choose scrape similar. You already get multiple options to export to excel or docs.

Next, we can try to build scraper with Kimono Labs. It has two easy ways to scrape specific URLs by paste the URL into their website or use their bookmark. We can try to go with URL, after open the Kimonify bookmarklet, next click on the data model view then advanced. Make two properties and use XPath to identify the listing title and ASINs. Next, select the attributes to scrape from the elements which identified by Xpath. For example, select text context and href for listing property’s attributes and only select id and name for ASIN attributes then apply.

If your screen shows on the top of the toolbar says 15, it means Kimono Labs has identify 15 different instances on the pages. Give scraper the name and choose how often you want it to run like daily. It will store a new version of data every time it runs. Click on the link to see your scraper then go to API detail tabs and switch always save to on. Last, go to pagination/crawling and make sure the crawling is on. Finally, you have made a scraper to record data on Amazon every single day.

Basically, an Amazon scraper software which sell online is made to let you extract data from the website, but it doesn’t responsible if your scraping activity is breaking the copyright laws of Amazon. So, before begin scraping, it is important for you to read their policy especially about the data you want to scrape. As long as you don’t republishing the data or abuse their system, there isn’t much can Amazon do.