Avatar: The Legend of Korra Title Change?

Nickelodeon has really been screwing up with regards to Avatar. Sure, we’ve got a new Avatar mini series coming, but it’s been pushed back to 2012 instead of fall 2011. And before that, they gave us that craptastic live action movie. And what Avatar fan could forget how they left us American fans with no new episodes for months during the last season, even while they played it in other countries. And now they’ve done it again. The Wall Street Journal has repeatedly used The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra as the title of the new series. Not “Avatar”, “The Last Airbender”.

Why? The most probable answer:

…like with Seychelle Gabriel*, they’re trying to tie it more to the crappy live action movie. Except for fans of the series, most people know Avatar as The Last Airbender. It didn’t do well, so they want to try to get more sales (or more support for a sequel) by bringing in a new audience. Calling it TLA: Legend of Korra is ridiculous. Avatar is the title of the series, not Airbender. Airbender refers to Aang. Aang isn’t the last airbender at this point, but Korra is the Avatar, so Avatar: Legend of Korra fits…

if it’s actually going to be called The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, I won’t be watching. I want to watch Avatar, the series I love, not “The Last Airbender”.

This is how much Nick cares about Avatar and its fans. I love Avatar, and I was really excited for the sequel, but Nickelodeon continues to disappoint. So if Avatar: TLOK is going to be called TLA instead I won’t be watching it, or supporting anything Airbender in any way. It would probably be for the best if real Avatar fans stay away from Korra. I don’t think there’s much hope for quality at this point, Nickelodeon will continue to interfere with the series until they destroy it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the characters in Korra refer to the previous Avatar as “Ung”, and call Korra the “of-atar”.

* Seychelle Gabriel: Princess Yue in the live action movie.

Update: So it is called The Last Airbender: LOK then. And there’s cars and motorcycles. Right.

Can You Tell I Hate Titles?

Today is the last day of my mom’s two days off, then she works the next two days and has off Friday. She said we’d go out to Red Lobster yesterday, but we didn’t, and ordered from Domino’s instead. I haven’t gotten food from there in years. I got my usual, plain wings, and my mom tried their new pizza. We also got their new dessert Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes. I had their last chocolate dessert years ago and it was awful, so I wasn’t expecting much from this, but it turned out to be wonderful. Today we went out with her acquaintance Randy to DeBlasio’s. It was okay, and I managed to eat quite a lot. All my steak except the edges, 4 pieces of bread, most of my baked potato, and a few french fries. My mom had a surf and turf type meal, a steak and small lobster tail, and a few bites of salad and she was done. She was drunk by the time we got there. We went to his place first and she drank some vodka, then a beer, and was drunk after that, then had at least one glass of wine at the restaurant. After we ate we stopped in Giant Eagle since we almost never get to the store now (no car), but my mom was drunk and rushing around yelling that she didn’t know where anything was (she always does that though), so we didn’t get everything we needed. We might get to house sit for Randy for a week started Apr 3. I love his townhouse, and we were supposed to house sit for him when he went to Hawaii for two weeks, but he left early so we didn’t get to.

In anime I’m watching Durarara!!, Bleach (stay away from my Bleach you Hollywood creeps!), Hidamari Sketch, K-ON, Hanasakeru Seishounen, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kanon, Kimikiss Pure Rouge, Gakuen Heaven, Air, Hunter x Hunter. I’m watching quite a few others, but these I’m watching somewhat regularly, and the others I’m just doing episodes whenever I feel like it. I still have at least 20 other series on here to start. I’m love my Bleach, Durarara (Isaac and Miria, you too?!) is my precious, Hanasakeru is okay, but I don’t like Rumaty/Lumati and hate all the crap about his country. I like Li Ren and Eugene. When the Cicadas Cry was better in the first scenario and has gone downhill from there. Hidamari Sketch is surprisingly likable. I’m not a big slice of life fan, Aria and especially Azumanga drive me crazy, but Hidamari Sketch is much better and easier to take. I have a lot more on here, so I’ve got to get moving. 748 more episodes to watch…

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars often but I know the judges are jerks. That said, their score for Niecy Nash was very unfair. After that show I switched to Nick like I usually do at night, and I saw a new promo for the KCA with Nicola Peltz and Jackson Rathbone, where the Katara LA actress will try to “slimebend.” She was cute, but once again Sokka was called Soh-ka. I swear if he’s called that in the actual movie I will revolt, and I encourage all other Avatar: TLA fans to do the same. If Sokka is pronounced Soh-ka in the movie, Avatar fans should start calling them all different names: Cat-tara, Ung, Zuck-o, EE-roh, Ozaii (like Hawaii)… Anything but their real names. I saw the promo again the next day and it was corrected to Sokka!

Yesterday it was one year since all my health crap started. Right now I haven’t had much side pain recently for a few months now, little eye pain, no shooting pain, and some mild numbness. But my headaches, which I started getting really bad a few months after March 22nd, and the pains in my head are continuing. I’m surprised nothing has happened this spring yet, and hopefully it won’t knock on wood. It’s been one year since my health problems started, and two years since my grandfather and aunts house burned down (I always think Nanny’s house, but my grandmother died several years ago, so…) I don’t remember what happened the spring before that, but it’s possible the bowlegged freak was there and that was hell. Of course bad things happen all year round, but spring is a particularly bad time. Hopefully the streak will break and some good luck will start coming our way.

I don’t know whether to drag the computer into the bedroom, or wait and see if Bleach and Kobato are released… Edit: Bleach came out, I’ll wait a little longer for Kobato and then I’m going back to watch more anime. Edit 2: Got Kobato, getting off.