Girls Got Pipes

I like the song My Heart Will Go On, but Celine Dion’s voice annoys me. I heard some guy sing the song at a Titanic event in Nova Scotia (it streamed online, I wasn’t there). He wasn’t bad though I prefer a female singer. When I searched YouTube I found this video of Charice. I didn’t love it, but she has an undeniably powerful voice so I wanted to hear more. Some of the highlights of what I found are Note to God, Charice Pempengco on Ellen DeGeneres, Christmas at Rockefeller Center, I Will Always Love You, My Heart Will Go On (Full), charice most talented kid in the world, and of course the video embedded above. I love how it seems like David Foster is always smiling whenever he performs with her.

Star Wars Kinect

I’d heard people bitching about Star Wars Kinect before, but I was only introduced to it today (thanks Death Star PR). And it is A M A Z I N G! I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, this is hilarious. Some people take things to seriously. Why is the dancing “competition” at the Star Wars weekend in Disney World okay, but this isn’t?

I’d love to see this for everything ever! Harry Potter dance off, Code Geass dance off (Emperor Charles or Palpitations, who’s the better dancer?), Durarara dance off. Why limit it to entertainment? Heck this is how history and literature should be taught!

Some more of my favorites: Kinect Star Wars – Village People YMCA/”Empire Today”, Kinect Star Wars Gameplay With Chad Vader

Bad Lip Reading – Morning Dew

Another video. I’m going to be posting these ones for a while because they’re awesome. They’re not only funny, they’re surprisingly polished, and often better than the actual songs they’re based on. I can’t get “Beard With Glue” out of my head. And if you haven’t seen them yet, check out Bad Lip Reading’s videos of the Republican candidates. I’m not sure whether they make them look more stupid, or more smart because anything better than that is a step up.

If Atheists Ruled the World

I don’t know about the fundies, but I think that last bit would make a good sitcom. The part where the neighbor came running in gave me the idea. It would be a great twist on all those old 50-60’s TV shows. We already have the title! And: “Oh, and don’t go in the bedroom cause there’s two gay men fucking in there. – Why are there gay men, honey? – Because I wanted to watch them.” How did they find out about that?!